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Short Version:

Communication for Development (C4D)

Long Version:

Let's Create Africa is an award winning, B-Corps Certified, Communications Social enterprise leveraging Technology to bridge opportunities to the bottom million in Africa.

We do this by co-creating community based social enterprises based around communication technology.

This provides them with peer-to-peer training, mentorship, market linkages and micro-funding that allows them to pivot and scale.


Creating innovative solutions for creative needs.

We highly encourage and provide platforms for creative people to participate in the existing and quickly growing Creative economy in Africa


Turning Impactful ideas into realities.

A self-sufficient and developed Africa that celebrates its unique diversity through art.

Afriˈkanə, -ˈkänə

We are driven by the radical idea

- That Africa can eradicate Extreme Poverty.
- Every African deserves a dignified & basic standard of living.
- Africa needs to change the way it tackles extreme poverty.

Our Objectives


- Help reduce unemployment
- Contribute to ending extreme poverty.
- Promote Sustainable Social Innovation.

Our Core Values

What we stand for?

- Creating Value.
- Meeting Need(s).
- Creating Wealth.

Let's talk business

Our Business Units.

Our business model is designed to scale and the organization expects to have five official creative spaces within Africa over the next (5) couple of years.

Communication for.....


As a full-service creative agency: We are passionate about the story of your brand. We partner with clients to drive their business outcomes with best-in-class modern video production, media planning & distribution, influencer marketing, Google & Alexa voice services, and everything in between.
Also, as a leading experiential & field marketing company: We specialise in brand representation , field sourced sales, visual merchandising, planogramming and mystery shopping. If you are an organization interested in having your brand heard within communities,
then talk to us?



We are passionate about Community Development. As a Social enterprise, we are dedicated towards building thriving
enterprises that drive social change within zero-low income communities.

If you are a community interested in building thriving enterprises
within your communities,
then talk to us?

Our Drive

What we live and go by:

sample-image "Africa can change the way it tackles poverty... We are particularly passionate about tackling the people-centered cluster of the global challenge that focuses on Poverty eradication. Reason being, if the poorest increase their income, the economy will grow in a sustainable way, allowing an end to poverty and hunger in all forms and ensuring a standard form of dignity and equality in all forms."


Our Projects.


Africa's first & #1 virtual marketplace.SOKO© is a home-shopping program, facilitating safe,secure and affordable shopping options with your products delivered right to your doorsteps.
Accessibility is both online and offline.
To this end, SOKO© seeks to:
1. Create equal and alternative employment options
2. Build Africa's largest virtual marketplace and supply chain.
3. Allow financial inclusion to support livelihoods by enabling general trade.
4. Promote diversity and inclusion for the marginalized in society to consume and trade.


#TheFutureofWork- The first ever exclusive and live jobs and product placement show on the continent.
1. Skilled job seekers
2. Progressive employers
3. Hand picked industry experts


#LCA Media

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What Africa is saying about us..

"There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed. Join the team!"

Ruth Nyaga Head of Operations Charge Bar Limited

A proven track record is better than any words. Let's Create Africa, has a 5-star record with me. They understand community, and deliver on business. What great balance."

Geeta Manek -

I completely enjoy delegating to Let's Create Africa and forgetting about their deliverables. I have been with them for now two years and they never disappoint me. I am able to focus on running my business as they complement my efforts by doing their parts with least to no supervision. Absolute bliss."

Prisca Muyodi Founder & CEO Educor Ltd.

They sure underpromise , but they always Overdeliver. Best surprises ever. You can always depend on them."

Catherine Karumba Head of Private Banking-CBA

Their creative team is a storytelling machine, Always on the top with great community engagement ideas and doing the job. Four years later is marked with exponential growth because they are doing what no agency can do at half the fees, and 200% the skills and efforts."

Sakura Corporation -

Depth, Delivery and Standards, they can beat them all. They are Pan-African to the core, and a full example of Ubuntu. But do not be deceived, they are no slackers when it comes to delivering on their business objectives. Set them, and I promise if they accept te challenge, you will be a winner!"

Ray Barreth -


Here are some of the brands we have had the priviledge to be associated with.

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